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Prihoda products are usually acting as both supply air ducting (air transfer) as well as air distribution/diffusion into the occupied zone. We supply both types of system, (1) positive pressure distribution systems (supply air) and (2) negative pressure (extract /return air) ducting for exhausting air from rooms.

Supply air is delivered through fabric diffusers using almost any diameter of laser cut perforation in any position on the duct circumference. This combination of any size and position of perforations provides an almost infinite number of design variations. The range of possibilities begins with low velocity diffusion and continues up to long-distance targeted air supply. Small perforations with a diameter of 0.2 or 0.4 mm, which we refer to as microperforations, are designed mainly for use as low velocity air diffusion. We use a series of 4 mm diameter or larger holes, which we call perforations, to provide directed air supply. When calculating the air travel distance, the supply air to room temperature difference must be considered. Fabric Diffusers are a universal air distribution tool and cover the entire range of air delivery patterns. We achieve the requested air distribution by selecting the correct air outlet method. We can combine the air outlet methods on a single diffuser duct in any pattern or ratio we wish.