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Steerprop Ltd. is the centre of azimuth propulsion technology. Steerprop Ltd. produces azimuth propulsors for maritime and offshore industries.
We provide the customers with outstanding quality and hence an excellent lifetime economy. Steerprop operates on a global basis by providing azimuth main propulsion solutions for high seas, coastal and inland waters everywhere in the world.
Steerprop provides azimuth propulsion solutions for various vessel types and operational needs. In order to assist the customers in the choice of equipment, the product applications have been classified in categories: icebreakers and arctic vessels, tugs, offshore support vessels, cruise & passenger vessels and ships, and cargo ships.
However, this is merely a raw categorization. The final solution always comes down to the customer's individual needs and adapted design.
Steerprop azimuth propulsors are available with both ducted and contra-rotating propellers, suitable for a wide range of applications and operation requirements.


The ability to control both the vectored thrust and slipstream by a full 360 degrees makes the azimuth propulsor a powerful tool for ice management operations.
Whether your goal is to open fairways, keep arctic offshore installations free of ice pressure or to blow ice ridges, the controllable slipstream of the propeller is always efficient. The focused propeller flow of a ducted propeller further enhances the ice blowing capacity. Ice milling is also an attainable operation mode.


For vessels required to pull at low speeds, such as harbour tugs river pushers and anchor handling tugs (AHT), the ducted propellers are generally the optimal solution.
The nozzle used is the new, high performance HJ3-type nozzle designed by steerprop. It combines in creased bollard pull with improved free running efficiency. When compared to a traditional 19A-type nozzle, the achieved increase in pull is 4 to 6 % and in high-speed efficiency approximately 15%.


All kinds of offshore support vessels, including supply vessels, anchor handling tugs, ROV-support vessels, construction vessels and diving support vessels (DSV), can benefit from the features that Steerprop azimuth propulsors offer, either in CRP or ducted configuration. Dynamic positioning is inherently adaptable with Steerprop azimuth propulsors.


Cruise and passenger vessels can benefit from the advantages that different Steerprop propeller applications offer. Steerprop Ltd. is able to provide propulsion solutions that offer comfortable and reliable handling at sea and superior maneuverability in harbours
Steerprop's cruise and passenger vessel solutions also deliver optimal performance in both the economical and ecological sense, something that is of great importance especially in the more and more eco-conscious passenger market.


Coastal cargo vessels and feeders, such as tankers and container vessels, can benefit greatly from the advantages of Steerprop's propulsion solutions.
The combination of fuel economy and operability is a must for cargo vessels. The superior maneuverability and reliability of Steerprop azimuth propulsion are features shipowners and shipmasters appreciate.