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Jiangsu Yuanwang Group Corporation consists of Jiangsu Yuanwang Instrument Co., Ltd (the headquarter), JiangsuYuanwang Instrument Engineering Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Yuanwang Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd and TaiZhou City Jiangyan Yuanwang Ship Equipment Co., Ltd.
We mainly produce measurement & control instruments and complete equipments for pressure, temperature, level, flow, tank monitoring alarm, remote level gauging, valve remote control, engine room monitoring, and ship power station etc. Because of many varieties, complete specifications, and reliable quality, we have formed our bright feature in instrument industry.
Business activities
  1. • Tank level alarm system
  2. • Cargo water ingress alarm system
  3. • Level, temp and pressure gauging system
  4. • ODME
  5. • Valve remote control system
  6. • Fixed gas sampling system
  7. • Gas monitoring and alarm system
  8. • Portable oil/water interface detector
  9. • Flowmeters