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STEERPROP : Build biggest ever Azimuth Propulsors

count : 4142   writer : admin   date : 2014-04-16

Steerprop Ltd. was chosen by two separate Russian operators of arctic vessels, to provide the largest ever built mechanical azimuth propulsors. The order is for the total of four ice breakers, currently under construction: two at Baltiysky Zavod in St. Petersburg, Russia for RosMorPort and the other two at Keppel Singmarine in Singapore for Lukoil
“We are proud for the opportunity to be in these programs” states Jarmo Savikurki, the managing director of Steerprop Ltd., “and we are grateful for the confidence. These contracts were awarded to Steerprop Ltd. after hard competition. They are a great challenge and a grave responsibility. On the other hand it allows us to apply the technical expertise that the Steerprop team is so strong in. We are sure the results will show we are well worth of the trust."
Two Line Icebreakers for RosMorPort
The two line icebreakers for RosMorPort are 114 m long and 27.5 m wide. The design draft is 8.5 m and free running speed will be 17 knots. The vessels are specified to operate at the speed of three knots in level ice of one meter having snow cover of 0.1-0.2 m.
The ships, once commissioned, will substantially improve the marine and environmental safety of the oil transport in the Baltic Sea
The Azimuth propulsors provided by Steerprop are of the type SPO 4.5 ARC, built to the rules of RMRS, ice class LU6. Each unit is able to transmit 8200 kW from the electric drive motor to the 4.5 m diameter, open, built-up propeller made of stainless steel. The azimuth function is actuated by electric motors, typical to Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors. The electric steering with frequency converters is an excellent solution to ice operation for accurate and smooth control.
Arctic Supply Vessel for Lukoil Recently Launched by Keppel Singmarine
The two arctic vessels under construction for Lukoil will support the Varandey Terminal in the Barents Sea. Although built by the same shipyard the vessels will not be sister vessels, but built to different specifications: an arctic supply vessel, 81.6 m long, 18.5 m wide with a draft of 9.1 m and an icebreaker, 100 m long, 21.7 m wide with a draft of 10.5 m.
The arctic supply vessel will be equipped with twin Steerprop SPO 4.0 ARC units able to transmit 5200 kW each through the 4.0 m diameter propeller. The propulsors are built according to RMRS rules to ice class LU6.
The icebreaker will be equipped with twin Steerprop SPO 4.5 ARC units, able to transmit 8,400 kW each through 4.5 m open propeller. These - the largest geared azimuth propulsors ever built - are built to RMRS ice class LL7.