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count : 4506   writer : admin   date : 2015-04-09

Havyard Group of Norway and Fafnir Offshore of Iceland have been awarded the Environmental Award at the annual Offshore Support Journal Conference in London on 19th February 2015. The award was given for the new environmentally friendly new hybrid battery-powered Arctic PSV that Havyard is building for Fafnir.
The vessel, a Havyard 833 WE ICE design, incorporates several innovations to enhance the vessel’s efficiency and decrease emissions. It is a newly developed platform supply vessel (PSV) design based on the most recent technology within fuel economy and environmental friendliness. This PSV is designed to operate as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of influence from exposed waters, in say, the Arctic region. These innovations include the hull design, the hybrid-battery power and the Contra-Rotating Propellers propulsion system delivered by Steerprop Ltd. The idea of hybrid battery diesel-electric propulsion system is the same as for hybrid cars, namely to produce energy as efficiently as possible while also having access to necessary power whenever it is needed. Fuel consumption can be reduced by 5 to 20% in transit, by 25 to 35% in port, and by up to 35% in DP2 (dynamic positioning) mode. The vessel will be equipped with two SP 35 CRP propulsors, each rated at 2 200 kW in the DNV ICE-1C ice-class.
Steerprop Ltd. is proud to be a member of the team building this exceptional vessel and extends the warmest congratulations to both Havyard Group and Fafnir Offshore